Say Goodbye to

3-Ring binders

Golf Genius Golf Shop streamlines special orders, tracks demo clubs, and automates member communication.

A Productivity Tool Designed Specifically for Golf Shops to Save Time, Eliminate Paperwork, and Deliver Exceptional Member Service. 

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Special Order Tracking

Capture and track orders from the moment an order is placed to the moment it’s delivered and every step in between, with automatic alerts to members and guests.

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Demo Club Tracking

Manage the demo club tracking process from start to finish. Automatically alert staff and automatically communicate with members. Reduce shrinkage and increase sales conversion.

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Vendor Order Management

Aggregate special orders by vendor to streamline the vendor order management process. Track
cost-of-goods, shipping costs, delivery timeframes, and annual totals.

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Automated Communication

Automatically inform members through personalized text messages and emails. Enhance their experience and improve your efficiency.

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Member Surveys

Gather member information and track preferences quickly and easily with surveys. Allow members to access their profile and keep it up to date.

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Member Profiles

Quickly see member information including personal preferences, club fitting specs, “what’s in the bag”, and other custom fields. Use this information to take member service to the next level!



Annual Subscription        $1,800

($1,500 with either PREMIUM TM Product)

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